This is a quick tour on the main features in Digital Clapper 2.0

2. Creating account.

To get most of Digital Clapper, you’ll need to create a new account, to store your projects and shots.

  1. Click on ‘Menu’ button.
  2. Under menu, click ‘Login’.

1. Under Login pannel, select 'Register'. If you already created your account, skip this steps.

2. Enter your email and choose your password. Password should be at least 6 characters long.

3. Click ‘Register’ at the bottom.

4. If everything goes right, you’ll recieve an Confirmation email shortly. Click on provided link to activate your account.

5. After Confirmation, you will be able to login with your email and password under Login tab.

After successfull login, go to ‘My Projects’. In ‘My Projects’ panel click on ‘New project’ icon. This will create your first project.

Enter project name, project description and click ‘Create.’

Your project is now created. Click on 'Activate' icon. This will tell Digital Clapper where to store new shots. If you have more project, select the one accordingly. 

You can also expand project details, to get more options. In here, you can delete , share, export PDF and get project statistics.

Note: To export project, it needs to be synced with the cloud.

3. Creating your first clap.

Go back and under home panel, select ‘More’. This will expand camera meta data.

Click on any field and select or enter desired data from dropdown menu. This data will be displayed in Timecode and stored under each shot.

Finaly start the Clapper by pressing main button.

Hold your device in front of the camera and make sure, your sound device is capturing sound ‘beeps’. If you selected Countdown to display under Settings, it will show up first and Timecode afterwards. Timecode and all provided data will display here. Click anywhere to finish and go back. 

Note: To hide additional Meta data, you can turn it off under 'Settings panel'.

4. Displaying and managing data.

Go to ‘My Projects’ panel and click on your project.

The list of shots and basic statistics will appear here. Click on shot, to open more data.

In shot meta data, you can display, change or delete any shot detail.